Ronna Howell

Ronna Howell

Travel Professional

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The best way to make memories is travel.

Ronna believes vacation trips are very important to making memories.

One of her favorite places in the Caribbean is Aruba. On her bucket list she really wants to do a river cruise in Europe. Ronna has 25+ years as a travel agent in Iowa, Colorado, Texas, and of course, Nebraska.

"You never know what life has waiting around the corner. Where you're not able to go or see what you want to. Maybe you wanted to see the Notre Dame Church then the fire happened.

Maybe you wanted to climb the Chichen Itza pyramids in Mexico and now you can not climb them. However, you're in luck, you can go to Coba pyramids site in the Riviera Maya where you can climb to the top."

"I had a client tell me one day when he’s sitting in a nursing home he wants to talk about the things he did and seen not the things he wanted to.